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Fuel Optimization System
Marine Digital FOS (Fuel Optimization System) – allows reducing fuel consumption by 3-5%, which also saves the atmosphere from 600 tonnes CO2 emissions per year only per vessel
Fuel Optimization System
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Using machine learning to build the optimal route and speed of the vessel based on the analysing of data from the vessel, weather conditions and currents allows us to reduce the fuel consumption due the route. Vessel burns up to 30 tons per day and depends on many factors, such as the weather, currents and also navigation.
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Data collection

Marine Digital FOS collects data from the vessel on its current parameters, analyzes the external factors of the route and the condition of the vessel.
Data exchange

Marine Digital FOS transmits and collects data through equipment and software installed on the vessel.
Data analysis

The Fuel Optimization System processes the data of the ship condition and the external factors of the planned route.
Submission of data for decision making

FOS presents data in the form of recommendations on the route and optimal speed, which allows you to make decisions to optimize fuel consumption.
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Аdvantage of Fuel Optimization System from Marine Digital System:
FOS (Fuel Optimization System) on the Marine Digital System platform and can be integrated with other platform solutions and third-party through the API. The Marine Digital System platform has the advantage of a flexible configuration for the individual characteristics of each terminal or warehouse. The term for the implementation of individual solutions takes from 2 weeks to 1 month, includes design, development, creation of the necessary documentation, training, and commissioning.

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