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Marine Digital Catering is a process automation system for a catering company. The system allows you to record and analyze products on board, as well as speed up the process of delivery and tender arranging.
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Marine Digital Catering is the link between the catering company, product suppliers, and the shipowner. The implementation of the system allows you to simplify and standardize methods of interaction, improve the quality of products delivered to the vessel, and automate procurement procedures. Automates accounting and control of the budget and stocks of products on board the ship. The system stores data on balances, descriptions, consumption, previous applications, and the entire history of interactions, which allows you to speed up the process of creating a new application for supply and minimize the number of errors associated with the human factor. The system analyzes the consumption of the vessel and crew, monitors the implementation of a given budget.
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Applications for the supply and accounting of products

The system allows you to work with applications for the supply of products to the vessel, ensuring collaboration, as well as keep records of products on board for all participants in the process:

Office employee in a catering company

1. Work with applications
- View incoming applications
- Change in incoming applications
- Submission of applications for tender
2. Work with the ship
- View leftover food on board
- View forecast of food leftovers on ships
- View the forecast of the time for which there is enough food, taking into account consumption
- View information about food spent on invited persons
3. Work with historical data
- View consumption history
- Stories of quotations by suppliers, by ports
4. Work with budgets
- Maintaining the budget of the vessel and the client
- View budget balance on invited persons

Supplier's Employee

- View application from the office of the catering company
- Create an offer
- View application status

Shipowner's employee (crew member)

- Creating an application for the supply of food supplies
- Filling in information on decommissioned products
- Making current stocks of products
- Entering information on products spent on invited persons



The Сatering system provides a tendering procedure, stores a history on them, and allows you to work with suppliers who have not previously participated in the process of delivering products to ships. Distribution of invitation letters for participation in the tender to suppliers not registered in the system is provided. Work with offers is carried out by the office staff of the catering company, who can select and adjust offers, as well as send selected offers to the ship.
The system in the form of directories stores databases of ports, functioning suppliers and shipowners, and delivery history.
For the convenience of compiling and further analyzing applications, there is a register of products by categories (meat, fruits, vegetables, etc.) with the composition of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, as well as a guide to the norm of food consumption with nutrients.


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    It is possible to download a report on the nutrition of the crew of the vessel with analysis for nutrients, calculations and forecasts of the adequacy of food residues on the vessel.
    Storage of the offer history ensures the provision of reports broken down by suppliers, ports, and products, and also allows comparison of suppliers' offers with the possibility of adjustment.

      Аdvantage of Marine Digital System Catering:

      Catering is on the Marine Digital System platform and can be integrated with other platform solutions and third-party through the API. The Marine Digital System platform has the advantage of a flexible configuration for the individual characteristics of each terminal or warehouse. The term for the implementation of individual solutions takes from 2 weeks to 1 month, includes design, development, creation of the necessary documentation, training, and commissioning.

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      Increased business process speed
      Increased business process speed
      Reducing to zero the number of errors
      Reducing to zero the number of errors
      Best offer to the clients
      Best offer to the clients
      Reduction in operating expenses
      Reduction in operating expenses
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