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Management System

WMS (Warehouse Management System) is a management system for automating key warehouse processes and the operations on bulk and general cargo terminals
Warehouse management system
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(WMS ) allows for minimizing temporary and financial losses during warehouse operations. It allows you to work with a single range of goods for all warehouses of the terminal and maintain a unified reporting. It provides efficient reception, storage and shipment operations in temporary storage warehouses, bulk terminals and ports working with general cargo. Provides a quick search for goods, whether bulk carriers, general cargo or containers. An automated warehouse management system provides up-to-date information, statuses and the history of the passage of cargo lots through the port, and also stores all related documents: requests, invoices, CMR, etc. Orderly work with requests for import/export of goods and passage to a warehouse or port terminal simplifies the work of personnel and reduces time costs. The economic effect of the implementation of WMS depends on the amount of road, rail and sea transport. Accurate information about the location of the goods, the high speed of assembly of the necessary goods in the right quantity provides the logistic company or warehouse terminal with the advantageous benefits of delivering orders on time, without delay, which ultimately also forms high customer loyalty.
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The introduction of a Warehouse Management System

Acceptance of goods/cargo to the warehouse

WMS manages warehouse operations across a customized business process. The key task of implementing a WMS system is to ensure acceptance of goods with minimal errors, saving time when performing standard operations. The process of receiving goods can be customized to the individual requirements of users of the warehouse system. Functionality WMS Marine Digital System contains a solution for the electronic line of drivers. Connecting a checkpoint to the system allows you to control the import of goods and exit vehicles, ensures the rhythm of the checkpoint system, eliminating traffic jams and optimizes traffic to the terminal.

Accounting for goods/goods in stock and shipment

Warehouse management system overview
Due to the optimal distribution and storage of goods in the WMS system, savings in storage space and uninterrupted operation of the warehouse are achieved. The warehouse management system keeps records of the goods, provides users with relevant information on its quantity. The system allows you to track goods by various characteristics, including through supply channels. Using WMS, you will ensure the assembly process according to warehouse standards, FIFO, FEFO, FPFO, and LIFO methods, which means that a correctly assembled order will be delivered at a precisely defined time to the correct address.

Storage Optimization

Warehouse management system overview
WMS enables users to model efficient storage schemes. WMS Marine Digital System provides information not only in tabular form but also visualizes the entire territory of the warehouse complex, regardless of the format of cargo storage: bulk, bulk, general, container or other. The system allows you to organize storage in such a way that it will be convenient to form freight lots, due to their location, and when loading bulk cargo, you can take into account the proximity to the scales, so as not to waste time on the extra mileage of empty vehicles. Taking into account many of these and many other storage factors ensure the optimization and efficient operation of the warehouse terminal.
WMS automates the process of exchanging documents with all counterparties, partially or eliminates the maintenance of paper workflow, which involves significant human resources. Automated loading of applications, invoices, CMR, bills of lading through the integration of WMS and third-party software via the API allows you to implement an electronic document management system, to avoid manual input and related errors, as well as time and loss of documents during physical sending. Marine Digital System has developed the Trade Finance module and is negotiating with banks on the implementation of the electronic bill of lading project.

Optimization of staff at the warehouse

The introduction of the WMS Marine Digital System reduces the need for more staff. Some of the functions performed by warehouse workers, for example, at a checkpoint or on scales, become irrelevant, thanks to automation, the warehouse system integrates with cameras and sensors of external software and hardware systems through the API, the frequency of inventories is also reduced, without interfering with the daily work of the warehouse. You can get rid of the need to expand the staff, reduce operating costs for maintenance and increase the efficiency of the warehouse. Based on the data of the warehouse program, you can build a system of key indicators and a motivation system, check the performance and effectiveness of work by linking wage rates to them.


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    The Marine Digital System has the flexibility necessary for a variety of data representations that can be customized and customized to meet individual customer requirements. The system can be integrated with the customer's accounting systems and databases, as well as third-party software, for example, monitoring of road, rail, river and sea transport. Based on the available information, various reports can be generated:
    • transport arrival planning and freight traffic forecasting
    • the possibility of increasing or the need to reduce storage space
    • the performance of each warehouse employee
    • billing and analysis of financial costs based on data on the volume and time of storage
    • etc.

    Аdvantage of Marine Digital System WMS:

    The WMS Marine Digital System is a boxed solution that contains universal functionality suitable for small and medium-sized cargo terminals and is delivered in accordance with the SaaS model (in the cloud, ensuring availability with a monthly fee). Other solutions based on the Marine Digital System platform can be connected to it: a port entry management system, an electronic queue, a weight module, and others. The Marine Digital System platform has the advantage of a flexible configuration for the individual characteristics of each terminal or warehouse. The term for the implementation of individual solutions takes from 2 weeks to 1 month, includes design, development, creation of the necessary documentation, training, and commissioning.

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