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Marine ESG Consulting for shipping companies

Marine ESG Consulting is a sustainability consultancy offering services to support sea shipping and ocean transportation companies on the application of digital technologies to sustainability strategy, ESG monitoring and reporting
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ESG for maritime companies becomes an effective and credible tool to build a sustainable economy of business and create trust among stakeholders. It is not just about compliance anymore.

Marine Digital offers maritime ESG consulting services through our Fleet Intelligence platform. Our goal is to provide support on the application of digital technologies to ESG strategy, monitoring and reporting. Let us help you to build a sustainable economy of business and reduce ESG related risks, so you can focus on mandatory tasks without having to hire additional specialists.
ESG monitoring and reporting allows shipping companies to build a sustainable economy of business by identifying critical elements in the value chain, implementing trustworthy energy efficiency and decarbonization solutions. This ensures reductions of risks related to CO2 taxes and rising fuel costs.

At the same time shipping is an important part of the global supply chain for many stakeholders. Cargo owners and charters call for help of sea transportation companies to reach ESG targets, monitor and report on ESG performance of the maritime supply chain. In addition, regulators, banks, insurers and investors have a growing need for objectivity and credibility in managing ESG risks by maritime companies, pushing them to prove that they have control of ESG risk exposure.

The Necessity for ESG Maritime Consulting

· ESG Monitoring and Reporting
annual sustainability monitoring reporting identifying and addressing environmental, social and governance issues

· Decarbonization Strategy
analysis-based recommendations and plans to holistically minimize and prevent impacts on the environment and decarbonize all throughout the supply chain

· Corporate Sustainability & Communications
business strategy design for long-term growth of business that works in harmony with people and the planet by combining heritage domain expertise with edge technologies

Maritime ESG Consulting includes the following services

Our broad range of maritime services includes Digital Twin Modeling, Emission Monitoring and Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII) Forecasting, Ship Energy Efficiency Plan digitalization, ETA planning and Just in Time Arrival optimization, and Digital Noon Report implementation. Our Consultancy Team will conduct the necessary research and propose the best solution options to meet your needs.

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Marine ESG Consulting for shipping companies