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Marine Digital System
Marine Digital System is not just WMS (Warehouse management system) or TOS (Terminal operating system), it is a platform where the functionality of these classes of systems is available to small and medium terminals: it is divided into modules and supplemented with modules that connect to solve complex tasks.
The system kernel stack is based on Golang, Docker, PostgreSQL, GraphQL

You will be able to expand the additions you need without making changes to the core of the system and without the risk of becoming dependent on narrow-profile technical specialists to develop the functionality for your individual business requirements
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Online access to the system
The connection is possible from anywhere connected to the Internet. It can be your office or home computer, tablet or smartphone. Marine Digital System solutions are delivered according to the SaaS (Soft as a Service) model: they can be placed in our or private cloud, as well as locally in the customer's IT circuit.
A distinctive feature of our platform is an open API for implementing exchanges with third-party software and hardware systems, such as scales, photo cameras, and video analytics, recognition and monitoring systems, accounting and management accounting systems, banks.

Serious architectural implementations are not needed to use large computing power with horizontal and vertical scaling of the system, which allows increasing the number of plug-in software modules and their users.
Safety / security
All data is transmitted through secure data transfer, based on the https protocol, which guarantees the security of work inside the protected perimeter without the risk of external threats and data leaks.
Intuitive interface
The interfaces of systems based on the Marine Digital platform are tied to specific roles and are adapted to the screen resolutions of any mobile devices, presenting only the information necessary for specific users to work. To work with the system, you do not need to undergo training and possess special knowledge and skills in working with software, it is enough to have experience working with a web browser (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, etc.) or a smartphone on Android or iOS.

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