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Marine Digital Consulting is an IT consultancy offering maritime services at the next level for the shipping, offshore logistics and supply chain sector. We do not tell marine professionals how to work, we advise what technologies can be applied
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In today's rapidly changing maritime industry, new regulations and challenges arise daily. To support maritime professionals and alleviate the pressure of adapting to these changes, Marine Digital offers maritime consulting services through our Fleet Intelligence platform. Our goal is to provide advice on the application of digital technologies to support your digitalization needs. Let us help streamline your operations and reduce distractions, so you can focus on mandatory tasks without having to hire additional specialists.
As a maritime consulting firm, Marine Digital offers expert solutions to shipping companies' challenges related to emission compliance, energy efficiency, and fuel optimization. Our team of experienced maritime professionals, including master mariners, marine engineers, fleet operators, and performance managers, supports you in overcoming these challenges. We specialize in different types of shipping, including container, bulk, tanker (LPG and LNG), cruise, and ro-ro operations. Our services cover the identification of marine data acquisition and transfer issues, as well as the development of individualized digital solutions through the use of modern technologies and analytical methods.

The Necessity for Maritime Consulting

Shipmanagements projects where Marine Consulting will be required

Data collection
Reporting standards and Noon Reports parcing, Sensor Selection Support
Data digitization
Data labeling, Parsing and Communication channels for data transmission

API integrations, setting up data exchange via xml , csv or available protocols
Data Analytics
Dashboards for individual requirements using innovative AI technologies and modern software
Marine Digital Consulting offers expert solutions to ship managers' challenges, including compliance with emission regulations, optimizing energy efficiency and reducing fuel consumption. Our team of marine consultants, made up of experienced master mariners, marine engineers, fleet operators, and performance managers, works with various types of shipping companies, such as container, bulk, tanker, cruise, and ro-ro.

We assess your data collection points and suggest ways to optimize the process by replacing manual data entry with sensor data. Our team can assist with the selection or replacement of equipment and technologies for transferring data in digital form, including sensors, satellite data, navigation equipment, and marine software. If you already have automated systems in place, we can provide integration services to ensure data exchange through existing protocols, xml and csv exchange, and API integration.

Sample request to Marine Digital Consulting: Help us to collect data from the vessel for operational analytics

Our broad range of maritime services includes Digital Twin Modeling, Emission Monitoring and Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII) Forecasting, Ship Energy Efficiency Plan digitalization, ETA planning and Just in Time Arrival optimization, and Digital Noon Report implementation. Our Consultancy Team will conduct the necessary research and propose the best solution options to meet your needs.

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