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DIGIdock CRM (Customer Relationship Management) – is a logistics company customer relationship management system for developing a customer base and increasing sales efficiency.
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The implementation of a logistics CRM system will ensure effective work not only with the existing customer base, but also with potential clients, allowing minimizing the risks of losing customer requests, leakage / theft of the customer base, shortening the sales cycle and increasing the efficiency of working with the client at every stage: from the first contact before the conclusion of the contract and payment of the bill.
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Lead generation

DIGIdock CRM is an automated solution for managing and developing sales, starting from the stage of attracting leads in logistics. Marketing functionality extends the standard capabilities of CRM, you get not just a program for accounting, but a system that already have your potential customers and will automatically get into during the entire period of use. With DIGIdock CRM you

You get the lead generation process customized for you:

- up to 500 contacts of potential clients with work phones and email
You just need to fill out the form

- automatic lead channel from the registration form on the site
It is necessary to place the finished form on the site

- automatic lead channel from the freight and logistics services exchange
It is necessary to place an order on the exchange

- Chatbot for searching contacts by keywords
Need a Telegram account

Along with this, we provide an effective lead generation methodology that is available for online employee training.

Customer accounting

DIGIdock CRM system
CRM system forms a single customer base with contacts and other information you need specifically for them. The client's card is flexibly configured so that your managers can quickly efficiently plan, evaluate and make decisions in the sales process and other transactions. You get rid of the risk associated with luring your managers, who maintain a customer base in their notebooks and excel. All information is stored centrally and is protected from unauthorized external access and copying. If the manager is fired, customer contacts and other information about them will remain with you.

Keeping a relationship history

You can keep the entire history of customer relationships in the system. Emails and correspondence automatically get into CRM with attachments. Any other events: calls, meetings and other negotiations are entered into the system by managers to control their employment and agreements with contractors. The client will not be able to take advantage of the change of staff and mislead you with a message about allegedly promised discounts or other (atypical for your work) terms of transactions with managers who are no longer working. You can always turn to the history of communication to get a complete understanding of the status of past and current negotiations.

Sales process optimization

DIGIdock CRM system. Sales funnel
CRM system allows you to automate typical sales processes and relationships for freight. Once you set up typical scheduled events, templates of letters and documents, you will reduce the amount of time spent on monitoring staff and routine operations in sending commercial offers, drawing up contracts and invoicing for payment. The system will remind you of the occurrence of key scheduled events in the interface or by email notifications, including notification of expired events, such as: preparing a meeting or negotiation protocol, collecting feedback on a business proposal, negotiating an agreement, confirming receipt of an invoice and closing the transaction with acts.


All commercial documents and presentation materials are stored in the system and can be addressed to a specific client. Templates of standard documents: contract, invoice, act and others are configured in the system and are automatically filled in with the data about the contractor in the system in 2 clicks. You do not need to spend time drawing up a contract and an invoice, and sending them from the system takes a few seconds. As a history of relationships, all documents sent to a particular client are stored in the system, you can find a document or assemble a package of documents very quickly.


    DIGIdock CRM
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    For all the data about customers that are entered into the system, it is easy to get a report:
    • The number of customers and their status in the sales funnel
      The number of contracts concluded and their payment
    • Planned cash inflows
    • The number of letters, calls, meetings for a period of time for specific managers
    • Planned and actual events with counterparties
    • etc.
    You and your managers always know about current employment and can correctly plan activities and workload with clients. At the same time, there is no need to spend time on holding regular meetings on sales and customers, since all the information is already in the system, structured and executed in reports, real-time access to which is possible. Your employees do not spend time planning and preparing reports; they are busy with sales and developing current relationships with customers.

      Аdvantage of Marine Digital System CRM:

      DIGIdock CRM - is a boxed solution that contains universal functionality suitable for small and medium-sized cargo terminals and is delivered in accordance with the SaaS model (in the cloud, ensuring availability with a monthly fee). DIGIdock CRM is integrated with WMS, other solutions based on the Marine Digital System platform can also be connected to it: OCR, EDI, and others. The Marine Digital System platform has the advantage of a flexible configuration for the individual characteristics of each terminal or warehouse. The term for the implementation of individual solutions takes from 2 weeks to 1 month, includes design, development, creation of the necessary documentation, training, and commissioning.

      DIGIdock CRM price from 90 euro per month for 5 users

      If you have any questions about the solutions and the Marine Digital System platform, write to us, we will be happy to answer
      Increased business process speed
      Increased business process speed
      Reducing to zero the number of errors
      Best offer to the clients
      Best offer to the clients
      Reduction in operating expenses
      Reduction in operating expenses
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