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World Maritime Forum

World Maritime Forum is an online networking platform that will focus on the latest trends, problems and solutions in the maritime industry. The COVID-19 situation has caused a lot of difficulties for this industry however the shipowners still need to adjust and comply with the regulations. This online networking forum will provide opportunities for the shipowners to see what are the most efficient technical and environmental protection solutions available.

There are some topics on the Forum:

Regulations and Compliance:
  • Fresh overview of the implementation process of IMO 2020 regulations;
  • COVID-19 – anything changes?;
  • Road to 2030 / 2050;

COVID-19 situation in the industry, ways to tackle it:
  • Smart COVID-19 prevention solutions;
  • Disinfection solutions for urgent / suspected cases;
  • General disinfection and cleaning solutions;
  • Good practises from the shipowners;
  • Waste management in light of COVID-19;

Shipbuilding and Ship Repair:
  • Latest technical developments in shipbuilding;
  • Future prognosis for the newbuilding programs;

Efficient and Environmentally Friendly Ship:
  • Fuel Saving Options;
  • Scrubbers – pros and cons;
  • Hull Optimization;
  • Alternative Fuels;
  • BWTS – Road to 2024;
  • IT Solutions and Smart Development;

Marine Digital - Optimization System allows up to 12% fuel consumption economy will lead to 240,000 $ year efficiency for ship owner per 1 vessel. The shipping company eliminates the need for daily routine reporting. The managers are engaged in optimizing the costs of the company. The captain is focused on a safe voyage. Also, FOS saves funds on maps thanks PAYS (pay as you sail).

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