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Marine Digital GmbH joins Impact Festival 2021 to present a new generation of marine industry deep tech decarbonization solutions

Marine Digital GmbH joins the Impact Festival regulatory section with the invitation of the Main.incubator to present its core deep tech solution contributing towards mass market decarbonisation of the marine industry and mass market technology availability.

MD team will participate in a 45 minutes masterclass regarding the major trends in climate change regulations and the current state of the industry climate mitigation challenges. The masterclass will be available only for the Impact Festival participants. For our friends and partners, MD team will share the highlights of the masterclass in a follow-up release.


“Each year we meet more and more daily consequences of climate change impacting our lives and plans with heavy forest fires, ice melting, animal deaths and air quality reduction. Marine sector in one line with other industries is moving towards innovation and at the same time struggles with challenges that are important to discuss with a relevant community, industry stakeholders and entrepreneurs who are working on the environmental crisis mitigation with a modern technologies application. In many industry sectors such an innovation is a heavy comlex challenge.

We appreciate the opportunity provided by Main.Incubator and Commerzbank to share our expertise and developments with the public audience and bring out of the dark marine market challenges and the instruments of climate change mitigation"
- Ivan Ladan CEO of MD.

The Impact Festival 2021 connects corporates, green start-ups, scale-ups, and investors. The festival is divided thematically into eight different Innovation Areas, which are oriented on the EU Green Deal as well as the Sustainable Development Goals. 

The event will take place on 16 SEPT 2021 in Frankfurt am Main / Offenbach, more precisely at the event hall FREDENHAGEN

Marine Digital will participate at Impact Festival 2021 with the Fleet Insights platform focused on the decarbonization of the maritime industry through digital twin and AI technologies. The platform Fuel Optimization & Vessel Performance Monitoring System reduces ship's GHG emissions up to 12%!


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