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Kris Kosmala (Advisor Marine Digital) at the Data-driven vessel emissions reduction webinar on 24 January

Beginning Tuesday 24 January, Riviera’s Vessel Optimization Webinar Week will focus on data-driven decision-making, safe navigation, and CII compliance. Riviera's webinars are designed to strike the right balance between the transmission of key information and interaction with the expert panel assembled.

Kris Kosmala from Marine Digital on the first day of Riviera’s Webinar Week as a Panellist at the Data-driven vessel emissions reduction webinar.

Join us on Tuesday 24 January - Time: 09:00 - 09:45 GMT as we discuss:
  • Data-driven insights and collaboration
  • Extracting value from emission data and vessel tracking
  • Going beyond emissions compliance and charterer requirements
  • Real-time GHG measuring and cloud-based reporting tools
  • Data’s role in emissions reduction on the older tonnage

Kris Kosmala, Advisor, Marine Digital
Martin Crawford-Brunt, Chief Executive Officer, Lookout Maritime

Registration is free; please sign by the link.

Many thanks to Paul Dowling for organizing such a huge event at the very beginning of the year on the hottest topic in the shipping industry at the moment.

Source: Riviera’s Vessel Optimization Webinar Week

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