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Graveyard of the Atlantic

complexities of maritime navigation

About the complexities of maritime navigation. In the Atlantic Ocean, Sable Island is located near Canada, referred to as the “graveyard of the Atlantic” or “ship eater”.

The island, which has a narrow sickle shape and a length of about 42 kilometers, originated due to the meeting of the warm Gulfstream current from the cold Labrador Current at this location. The main danger for the stranded ships here is its quicksand, which conceals different types of ships from sailboats to steamboats. In total, more than 350 shipwrecks are recorded at Sable Island.

Another danger phenomenon of the island is considered moving the island - due to the erosion of sand on one side and the alluvium on the other, Sable is moving east at a speed of approximately 200 meters per year.
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