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Marine Digital is included In 12 Latvian “hidden gem” startups in 2020

The annual Startup Wise Guys report has been launched, and with it comes their “Baltic startups to watch”, featuring a curated list of startups recommended by a wide range of stakeholders in the startup scene. Though in no way objective from a methodological stance, the list, however, provides interesting insight to what stakeholders find currently relevant, as well may help readers uncover some startups that they might not have previously known about.

Since these startups are currently under the radar, we find it particularly interesting to observe them over the course of 2020 to witness how they emerge.

Without further ado, here are the Latvian startups to watch in 2020, according to Baltic stakeholders:


A B2B marketplace that connects grain growers, grain buyers, and the stock market to buy and sell grains in mass – cutting out the middleman. Currently they’re only operational in Latvia, but hope to expand to Estonian and Lithuanian markets within the year.

Partly connects service providers like electricians and plumbers with individuals in the same area. Using a mobile app, locals can hire specialists in their area on-demand, for a fixed rate.

A universal login system for ecommerce checkouts – to streamline the checkout experience across different online shopping platforms. Klix is an interesting example of corporate-startup collaboration
, as the product is fully owned by Citadele bank but was created and ideated by a startup-oriented team. They are starting with Forum Cinemas as their first client, and we’ll be looking forward to their development over the next year.


Cybersecurity & verification

A combination of hardware and software solutions that result in quantum encryption on mobile phones, which then result in private and secure communication. Interestingly, one of the team members is ex-Minister of Defense, Ģirts Valdis Kristovskis. Entangle was also one of the six startups to receive a grant from the Ministry of Defense
for developing their product. The product is currently being prototyped and tested and is planned to be launched in 2020.


An encrypted eDocument verification system that allows for legally-binding electronic document signing. The system ensures the ability to verify the sender and recipient, as well as to prove that the document has reached the sender. Lahdes is the second startup created
by Jānis Zaltāns and Dmitrijs Dementjevs-Dedelis, both in the encryption and verification industry.



An online tool that calculates the value of real estate using a variety of available data points. Vartus is working on developing custom AI-powered calculators for their clients and plans to expand to other Baltic states in the near future. In the meantime, the startup has partnered with Colliers International, one of the leading global real estate organizations in the Eastern European region.

Health & sustainability

The VeritaCell kit combines the tools and methodology required for accelerating the renewal of skin. This gives surgeons and doctors the ability to iscolate healthy cells and apply them to wounds in non-laboratory environments and without skin grafting. Despite the highly-regulated nature of the medical industry, the VeritaCell team believes that it will be possible to bring their product to the market in 2020.

A unit that turns previously diesel-burning vehicles into LPG fuel-burning vehicles – reducing both fuel costs as well as emissions. They work primarily with business fleets and common-rail engines, retrofitting them into more sustainable vehicles. Artusystem won the main prize
at last year’s Deep Tech Atelier conference.

A web-based all-in-one platform for contractors who are implementing solar power projects. The platform offers lead generation, feasibility analysis, a proposal & design tool, and an engineering tool.


Hardware & Robotics

Atlant3D have developed a multi-material nano 3D-printer that can print with over 450 materials. The printer is set to revolutionized how nano- and micro-prototyping is done, particularly in the nano- and micro-chip industry.

Transport & mobility

A tracking and monitoring device that can be added to any vehicle, such as motorbikes, jet skis, scooters, motorboats, and more. Sizzapp provides real-time information and notifications on the state of the vehicle, including its location, any damage that has been done, the health of the engine, your driving trends, and more.


Marine Digital
A warehouse management system for bulk port terminals to manage logistics. Marine Digital have already launched a pilot project with Riga-based Port Magnate Group. The founder of Marine Digital, Ivan Ladan, is in Latvia with the help of the Latvian Startup Visa


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