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Geroimov Alexander about Marine Digital System

Geroimov Alexander
12+ years in Logistics and Customer Service. Phd in Economics. Liner (Maersk Line) and multiple forwarding business experience.

How did your experience in logistics begin?

My father graduated Saint-Petersburg State Engineering and Economics University in Saint-Petersburg - transport management faculty. And I decided to go his steps, starting from same faculty and ended up with Logistics in postgraduate study. Then I naturally started my working experience in several local companies before was invited to Maersk Line.

What companies did you work for?

Small local trucking company where we worked on international routes, mostly Finland and Switzerland. Then I joined forwarding company and was responsible for Russian market cargo transportation. After that were 8.5 years in leading shipping line in the world Maersk Line, where I was responsible for Saint-Petersburg import flow, then Latvia Customer Service department, working closely with Customers, IT services, Port and Government authorities in international environment. Now I’m heading interesting project of building Customer Service department in a leading Russian forwarding Company - STA Logistics.

What are your key competencies?

My key competencies are people management, process optimization, Customer Service, international shipping and logistics.

What attracted you to the startup Marine Digital System?

During my career I often face poor digital services development or no services at all in Logistics and transportation. Still believe that truly Customer oriented businesses, supported with a proper blend of Digital innovations and deep understanding of Client's needs is the only way of moving forward today - I couldn’t find any products or someone on the market who finally will become interested in digitalizing every day routine of an ordinary logistics employee. Completely share interests of Marine Digital Systems, I will be happy to be a part of a very demanded project on the market and try to change the way we work today.
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