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Which startups will save us from the climate crisis?

6 months ago Remi Smolinski and Pia Sander published the first climate tech map for Germany. A lot has happened since the last update in October! Unsurprisingly, energy startups are on the rise.
  • 70 new players

  • A total of $7.5 billion in VC Money

  • 54% VC increase in #energy

Overview now includes almost 300 startups in a total of 6 categories. While mobility was the all-time favorite for a long time and had the most startups, energy startups have now passed e-cars, battery solutions, etc., and make up 25% of the startups on overview.

Numerous new startups have joined, e.g. Faircado (browser extension for second-hand shopping alternatives), rouvia (logistics platform), Kitekraft (flying wind turbines), and ImpactNexus (SaaS platform for evaluating, measuring, and managing the topics Impact & ESG at startups and investors).

Berlin is (still) the Climate Tech capital (97 of all start-ups) - but this could change in the future because Bavaria (65 of all start-ups) is catching up.

As a short recap, we have listed the criteria that a startup must meet in order to make it onto the Climate Tech Map:

  • The company is active in the Climate Tech area in the areas of Banking & Insurance, Buildings, Carbon Tech, Energy, Food & Land & Water, Industry & Manufacturing, and Mobility & Transportation.

  • The company's headquarters are in Germany.

  • The company was founded in 2015 or later.

  • The company has funding (equity/debt).

Source: post Pia Sander
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