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Marine Digital is going to the final of EMERGE CHALLENGE

Marine Digital is going to the final of EMERGE CHALLENGE

EMERGE has a mission to introduce the rising tech startups to the world. The pitching contest EMERGE CHALLENGE offers startups from the New East* region an exclusive opportunity to pitch their tech product in front of investors, find new customers, meet new team members, and win €10,000 cash prize and other valuable prizes from venture funds and accelerators.

We went through 2 stages with the presentation of our solution for shipping companies, which optimizes fuel consumption and reduces CO2 emissions into the atmosphere - Marine Digital FOS (Fuel Optimization System).

Total number of applications received: 504 startups from 34 countries
Total number of startups at EMERGE: 174
Areas: from AI party masks to deeptech analytics
Quarter-finals: 150 startups from 23 countries
Semi-finals: 50 startups from 15 countries
1850 minutes of pitches
40 judges

And here they are the finalists

Marine Digital, Latvia
Fuel optimization system for vessels

DataCalculus, Estonia
Helping companies to boost up their business by data-driven actions

Inovat, Russia
Inovat helps international travellers get their VAT refunds digitally

SegmentStream, United Kingdom
AI-powered marketing analytics data intelligence platform

Asua, Latvia
App that builds happy, healthy and strong couples with simple habits. Powered with ethical AI

Wizart, Belarus
Computer vision solution for visualizing finishing materials

Lucky Carrot, Armenia
Lucky Carrot boosts employee engagement with peer-to-peer recognition and appreciation

ClickLog, Estonia
AI-based cargo loading plans optimizations tools for trucks, airplanes, and ships

O.Vision, The Netherlands
Facial recognition access control ecosystem

Dronex, Estonia
Window-to-window Drone-Delivery-as-a-Service

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