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Marine Digital in volleyball championship from IMSC

volleyball championship from IMSC

The Marine Digital team took part in the annual volleyball tournament for the companies in shipping industry, which was held on August 22, 2020. It was the 3rd championship, which was attended by 28 teams from different companies such as:

🔸 Bsm Csc Latvia (Riga, Latvia)
🔹 Novikontas Energy
🔸 Astor Shipmanagement
🔹 Luminor Latvija
🔸 TB Marine Shipmanagement Ltd (Riga)
🔸 Novikontas Maritime College
🔹 Latvijas Jūras administrācija - Jūrnieku reģistrs
🔸 Novikontas Students
🔹 Latvijas Jūrniecības Savienība
🔸 Lloyds Register / Garant /Maersk drilling
🔹 ALPHA Shipping Company
🔹 LJA - Latvian Maritime academy - Latvijas Jūras akadēmija
🔸 LSC- Latvian Shipping Company
🔹 NSA Norwegian Shipowners Association Scholarship Project
🔹 Gridinta
🔸 International Maritime Sport Community
🔹 Marine Digital

The TB Marine team won the big final and took 1st place in the volleyball championship organized by the International Maritime Sport Community (IMSC)

As for our team, we showed up on the principle "The main thing is not victory, the main thing is participation" and we invite you to see how it was in the photo:

International Maritime Sport Community volleyball

International Maritime Sport Community volleyball

International Maritime Sport Community volleyball

marine digital volleyball

maritime logistics coreteam

International Maritime Sport Community volleyball

We express our gratitude to the organisers for the high level of the event and the positive atmosphere. Special thanks to Novikontas Group for the invitation to such pleasant event
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