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Marine digital is Winner for Best Startup in Lübeck (Germany)!

Hackernoon conducted an overview of the best city startups in 2021. Marine Digital is Winner for Best Startup in Lübeck, Central Europe!

Marine Digital is Winner for Best Startup

Marine Digital is a marine logistics startup founded in 2019 by Ivan Ladan. It came to light with the aim to simplify operations like boarding and route definition in the maritime world. It does so by boosting automation of every process which implies repetitiveness. Our flagship product is an AI-powered fuel optimization system for vessels, that allows reducing fleet fuel consumption by 5-12%. This gives a green print to the company since each vessel can prevent each vessel from releasing into the atmosphere about 600 tonnes of CO2 annually.

We were ranked first as the best start-up in Lübeck, and we are also among the top 20 start-ups in Germany in the Hackernoon voting. 


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