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Voyage Efficiency for CII Compliance

Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII) regulations are due to come into force on 1 January 2023. Despite the shipping industry is get used to work with new regulations, CII compliance requirements will not be an easy task for the industry. In oder to stay CII compliant, the plan of actions on the voyage efficiency is essential for ship owners and managers. This two-day online event will discuss how to ensure flight efficiency without violating CII rules.

• CII and the charter contract
• How to get the best out of the CII ratings
• The future of the CII – lookout towards 2030 and beyond
• CII calculations methods and voyage performance monitoring
• Weather routing techniques for voyage efficiency
• Fuel consumption and time-saving by route planning
• Dynamic positioning operations
• Ship speed variation

The online series will be held within the framework of the Ship Navigation and Voyage Optimization Summit that will take place in Athens, Greece on 15-16 November.

Meet The Presenters

Soren Vinther Hansen (Director, VesOPS)
Grant Hunter (Director of Standards Innovation and Research, BIMCO)
Nicholas Bourque (Chief Strategy Officer, OneOcean)
Aaron Holton (Vice President Performance US, NAVTOR)
Ali I. Riaz (CEO, OrbitMI Inc)
Klaus Andreasen (Business Development Manager, Vessel Performance Solutions)
Tor Øyvind Ask (Fleet Director, Solvang ASA)
Christian J. Dahll (COO, 2020 Bulkers)
Glenn Edvardsen (Chief Commercial Officer, Navidium)
Maikel Laukens (Global Maritime Weather Solutions Manager, Spire Weather)
BS Group (Bridge to Success)

Ivan Ladan - CEO of Marine Digital, a German-based IT company with a focus on maritime transportation analytics and decision support.

Marine Digital helps fleet managers to measure the efficiency of ship operations and control GHG emissions from the already existing shipping fleet. At the "Voyage Efficiency for CII Compliance" event (27-28th of April), Ivan will show an innovative web dashboard indicating the fleet CII (Carbon Intensity Indicator), with its historical dynamics and a future forecast. The Marine Digital advantage is that CII assessment is synchronized with SEEMP (Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plan) factor analysis. Evaluate the ship's energy efficiency in a short time to make SMART decisions. Marine Digital solution works within the following frameworks of efficiency analysis:
- EEOI (Energy efficient operation index)
The IMO of the vessel is necessary for the algorithm to give you a lot of fleet insights.
Free trial access for one of your vessels to test at

Source: BS Group

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