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Helping people from Ukraine, Belarus and Russia in the military crisis

Responding to the war crisis in Ukraine Marine Digital team is focused on support of the refugees: personal volunteering activities of the team members in the EU and knowledge sharing. As a part of the marine community we stand for peace, cooperation and strengthening of global connections.

We strive to support those who have suffered from the war on the territory of Ukraine. War means breaking bonds in the first place. And there’s nothing more important and stabilising than maintaining all kinds of connections now. Social ones are the most critical.We believe that only by acting as a joint community with people from all over the world we are able to get through the trauma of this tragic war.

Our team has done research regarding financial, accomodational, legal and other forms of help for the refugees. 

We are doing our best to verify the information, but within a fast pace of the changes of the informational landscape we can’t guarantee that the information is up to date, valid or if the links are safe. We provide the information as it is found on the public sources. Please double check and try to connect with local authorities whenever possible.Any usage of the information and links are at your sole decision and risk.

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We have also collected the most complete information in one document to help. A document is in Russian Language to help more quickly people from Ukraine, Belarus and Russia who want to avoid hostilities.

A lot of useful information and help for Ukrainians

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