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Marine Digital entered TOP5 in the list of technology startups for the shipping industry!

41 Startups Positioned to Take on the Shipping Industry

Freight transport is the physical process of transporting commodities and merchandise goods and cargo. The term shipping originally referred to transport by sea but in American English, it has been extended to refer to transport by land or air as well.

In this article, we will explore some of the most interesting freight platforms around.

1. CloudTrucks

The idea behind this startup: CloudTrucks develops a virtual trucking carrier that provides a complete solution for owner-operators and small trucking carriers.

Headquarters: San Francisco, California, United States

Industries: Freight Service, Logistics, Shipping, Transportation

Founders: George Ezenna, Jin Shieh, Tobenna Arodiogbu

2. BlueX Trade

The idea behind this startup: BlueX is the world’s first Freight Commerce Platform.

Headquarters: Taipei, T’ai-pei, Taiwan

Industries: FinTech, Freight Service, Shipping, Supply Chain Management

Founders: Lance Lin, Sean O’Malley

3. Innoship

The idea behind this startup: Innoship is the advanced multi-carrier shipping software your retail business needs

Headquarters: Bucharest, Bucuresti, Romania

Industries: Delivery, E-Commerce, SaaS, Shipping, Software, Supply Chain Management

Founders: Andrei Paul, Dan Ungureanu, Daniel Nicolae, Robert Tanase


The idea behind this startup: The First Open Blockchain Platform With Artificial Intelligence For Connecting People

Headquarters: Frankfurt, Hessen, Germany

Industries: Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Freelance, Information Technology, Internet, Logistics, Shipping, Software

Founders: Slava Vasipenok

Marine Digital

5. Marine Digital

The idea behind this startup: We bridge the innovation gap in maritime logistics, focusing to provide the best fuel optimization system for shipping

Headquarters: Riga, Latvia

Industries: Big Data, Image Recognition, Information Technology, Logistics, Navigation, Shipping, Software

Founders: Ivan Ladan

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6. TraMes

The idea behind this startup: Cross boarder transportation orchestration managed service

Headquarters: Singapore, Central Region, Singapore

Industries: Information Technology, Logistics, Shipping, Software

Founders: Kevin Lim, Toby Koh

7. OceanOps

The idea behind this startup: OceanOps is a SaaS platform that enables its users to mitigate delays to their ocean freight through dynamic re-routing

Headquarters: Rotterdam, Zuid-Holland, The Netherlands

Industries: B2B, Logistics, SaaS, Shipping, Supply Chain Management, Transportation

Founders: Saif Khalaf

8. Hive Logistics

The idea behind this startup: Hive stores and ships products for small and medium-sized online merchants next-day. Fast, transparent & affordable.

Headquarters: Berlin, Berlin, Germany

Industries: Logistics, Shipping

Founders: Franz Purucker, Leonard von Kleist, Oskar Ziegler

9. Equll

The idea behind this startup: Equll makes a mobile app and an online platform to connect owner-operators with shippers.

Headquarters: Seattle, Washington, United States

Industries: Mobile Apps, Shipping, Software, Transportation

Founders: Bati Tola, Gedion Demmissie

10. Seafair

The idea behind this startup: Seafair is a marketplace connecting shipping companies with seafarers.

Headquarters: New York, New York, United States

Industries: Internet, Shipping

Founders: Unknown

11. QuantShip

The idea behind this startup: QuantShip helps shipping companies make superior commercial decisions through proprietary machine learning algorithms.

Headquarters: Singapore, Central Region, Singapore

Industries: Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Machine Learning, Marine Technology, Shipping

Founders: Kaushik Reddy, Sudeept Sinha

12. Trexity

The idea behind this startup: Trexity allows users to ship any item within the same day by leveraging its driver community.

Headquarters: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Industries: Mobile, Shipping, Software

Founders: Alok Ahuja

13. The MVMNT Group

The idea behind this startup: The MVMNT Group is a North American freight brokerage and visibility provider.

Headquarters: Chicago, Illinois, United States

Industries: Freight Service, Logistics, Shipping, Supply Chain Management, Transportation

Founders: Unknown

14. Cek Resi

The idea behind this startup: Cek resi online. lacak paket & tracking status pengiriman barang All-in-One 575 kurir ekspedisi seluruh provinsi & kota di indonesia

Headquarters: Medan, Sumatera Utara, Indonesia

Industries: E-Commerce, Packaging Services, Shipping

Founders: Unknown

15. ePostBook

The idea behind this startup: SaaS based Postal, Courier and Logistics Marketplace. Services like logistics record keeping, Post Box Rentals and Unique Postal Address.

Headquarters: Gurgaon, Haryana, India

Industries: Delivery, Enterprise Software, Freight Service, Logistics, Marketplace, Rental, SaaS, Shipping

Founders: Unknown

16. Oceanbolt

The idea behind this startup: Real time market for the dry bulk shipping industry

Headquarters: Oslo, Norway

Industries: Information Technology, Shipping

Founders: Unknown

17. Orca Mobility

The idea behind this startup: Autonomous cargo vehicles

Headquarters: Seattle, Washington, United States

Industries: Automotive, Autonomous Vehicles, Industrial Automation, Last Mile Transportation, Logistics, Shipping, Supply Chain Management, Transportation

Founders: Bill Messing

18. Shipmate Fulfillment

The idea behind this startup: Shipmate Fulfillment is a 3PL that offers warehousing, parcel fulfillment, B2B distribution, Kitting & Bundling, and more!

Headquarters: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States

Industries: E-Commerce, Internet, Logistics, Shipping, Warehousing

Founders: Unknown

19. MustDeliver

The idea behind this startup: MustDeliver is an app that helps shipments happen quickly and efficiently.

Headquarters: Portland, Oregon, United States

Industries: Apps, Shipping, Transportation

Founders: Unknown

20. IRIS Freight

The idea behind this startup: IRIS is an end-to-end Shipping platform, creating a safer, more efficient, and more transparent supply chain for perishable goods.

Headquarters: Santa Monica, California, United States

Industries: Information Technology, Logistics, Shipping, Software, Supply Chain Management, Transportation

Founders: Charles Oddo, Garrett Lang, Justin Shane

21. OTO Global

The idea behind this startup: OTO Global is a software that provides shipping, logistics and delivery services.

Headquarters: Newark, Delaware, United States

Industries: Delivery Service, Shipping, Software, Warehousing

Founders: Mohammad Al-Razaz

22. GoParcel

The idea behind this startup: GoParcel is an Ireland based online booking platform for local & International Parcel Delivery.

Headquarters: Dublin, Ireland

Industries: Delivery, Internet, Shipping

Founders: Unknown


The idea behind this startup: Zero Emissions Cargo and Container Ships

Headquarters: Hawthorne, California, United States

Industries: Energy, Renewable Energy, Shipping, Solar, Wind Energy

Founders: Unknown

24. Looking For Carrier

The idea behind this startup: LookingForCarrier is online platform where carriers, forwarders can cooperate with shippers for international transportation.

Headquarters: Unknown

Industries: B2B, Logistics, Shipping, Supply Chain Management, Transportation

Founders: Unknown

25. DLCartel

The idea behind this startup: DLCartel is a carrier platform that provides rate visibility that’s essential to move loads efficiently as well as equitably.

Headquarters: Elmhurst, Illinois, United States

Industries: Productivity Tools, Shipping, Transportation

Founders: Unknown

26. ShipCurve

The idea behind this startup: Digital Shipping Soltuion

Headquarters: Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

Industries: E-Commerce, Logistics, Shipping, Software

Founders: Unknown

27. Zoodbox

The idea behind this startup: Zoodbox is an On-Demand Crowd-Sourced Delivery Platform for Light and Small Packages Across Town.

Headquarters: Montréal, Quebec, Canada

Industries: Apps, Crowdsourcing, Internet, Same Day Delivery, Shipping

Founders: Kamal Rezvaninejad

28. Truckit Technologies

The idea behind this startup: Tuckit is a freight network company in Chile, which offers its services through an online p2p platform.

Headquarters: Santiago, Region Metropolitana, Chile

Industries: B2B, Information Technology, Logistics, Shipping, Shipping Broker, Software, Supply Chain Management, Transportation

Founders: Alfonso Febrer, Matías Tapia, Pablo Cabello

29. ShipShap

The idea behind this startup: ShipShap is an easy to use app that helps you get discounts on domestic and international shipping.

Headquarters: Unknown

Industries: Shipping

Founders: Unknown

30. Cek resi resinesia media

The idea behind this startup: Resinesia merupakan Situs cek resi Cepat akurat

Headquarters: Unknown

Industries: Shipping

Founders: Resinesia Media

31. TrackRu

The idea behind this startup: TrackRu online tracking service for parcels and mailings that provides information for delivery services.

Headquarters: Unknown

Industries: Shipping

Founders: Unknown

32. Parcel Tracking

The idea behind this startup: Parcel Tracking worldwide

Headquarters: New York, New York, United States

Industries: E-Commerce Platforms, Logistics, Shipping

Founders: Unknown

33. Calcurates by Amasty

The idea behind this startup: All-inclusive shipping storefront SaaS for e-commerce

Headquarters: Bratislava, Bratislava, Slovakia (Slovak Republic)

Industries: Delivery, E-Commerce, SaaS, Shipping, Software

Founders: Unknown

34. Beauty’s Treasure

The idea behind this startup: Find your beauty’s treasures

Headquarters: Unknown

Industries: Beauty, Cosmetics, E-Commerce, Fashion, Shipping

Founders: Unknown

35. Fiatlogistics Express Service

The idea behind this startup: China procurement and shipping company based in Lagos state Nigeria

Headquarters: Lagos, Nigeria

Industries: Shipping

Founders: Unknown

36. Loadtech, Corp

The idea behind this startup: Logistics, SaaS

Headquarters: Miami, Florida, United States

Industries: Finance, Freight Service, Logistics, Shipping, Software, Supply Chain Management, Transportation

Founders: Francisco J Aragon

37. All machinery transport

The idea behind this startup: Shipping , Trucking company

Headquarters: Unknown

Industries: Shipping, Transportation

Founders: Unknown

38. Clearcust

The idea behind this startup: The logistics marketplace • Connecting importers and exporters with logistics providers anywhere.

Headquarters: Unknown

Industries: Logistics, Marine Transportation, Marketplace, Shipping, Supply Chain Management, Transportation

Founders: Sergio Portela

39. Topship

The idea behind this startup: shipping platform that connects merchants and couriers for international deliveries.

Headquarters: Unknown

Industries: Logistics, Shipping

Founders: Unknown

40. Imoovo Technologies Ltd

The idea behind this startup: moovo is a cargo-space sharing booking & optimization platform that enables shippers around to save up to 40% on transportation costs,

Headquarters: Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv, Israel

Industries: Marine Transportation, Shipping, Transportation

Founders: Unknown

41. Car Shipping Hawaii

The idea behind this startup: Wondering how much it cost to ship a car to Hawaii? Car Shipping Hawaii is the fastest and most affordable way to ship.

Headquarters: Unknown

Industries: Shipping, Shipping Broker, Transportation

Founders: Unknown


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