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5 Simple Ways to Make Shipping More Efficient

Our reliance on shipping to keep the global supply chain operating smoothly was placed into sharp relief during the pandemic. Yet this crucial industry is slower to respond to the need to adopt lower-carbon alternatives to bunker fuel, the very bottom of the barrel.

The maritime industry stays almost invisible for most of us while transporting 9 out of 10 goods we use in daily life and is responsible for 15% of the global sulfur oxide emissions. The further down the global supply chains you dive, the harder it is to get timely, trusted, and accurate data. Meanwhile, without understanding the entire negative impact, environmental and financial risks, it is impossible to make a global systematic change, make strategic and operational decisions, to build a sustainable business.

Ivan Ladan and Lena Biryukova, CEO and Chief ESG Officer at Marine Digital are seeking to shake up this industry by offering smart technology to make journeys more efficient and better for the planet.

Rupert Rowling, Head of Content at Climate Transformed, will host this online event on June 13th.

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