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Startup Pill has listed Marine Digital to the 81 Best Shipping Startups in 2021

Best shipping startups

This article showcases Startup Pill’s top picks for the best Shipping startups. These startups are taking a variety of approaches to innovating inside of the Shipping industry and around the world. They are all exceptional startups well worth a follow.

We tried to pick companies across the size spectrum from cutting edge startups to established brands.

We selected these startups for exceptional performance in one of these categories:

  • Innovation

- Innovative ideas

- Innovative route to market

- Innovative product

  • Growth

- Exceptional growth

- Exceptional growth strategy

  • Management
  • Societal impact

Marine Digital


We are a technology startup from Latvia currently based in Germany. We bridge the innovation gap in the maritime sector speeding up the era of mass automation processes within the logistics industry.

To reach this goal we develop a fuel optimization system for vessels aiming to build the best data set in the industry. Backed-up by the APX (Porsche and Axel Springer early-stage VC) and industry companies like Marine Software Solutions (1% of the vessel market) and Unimars Group (25 years of maritime history) we have already started to gain the traction in one of the most closed and old fashioned industries in the world.


CloudTrucks develops a virtual trucking carrier application designed to reduce operating costs for truck drivers. The platform helps to manage and book loads from brokers and shippers, offer instant payments after load delivery, and access to cheap insurance options, enabling truck owners and operators to strategize their schedule and design a revenue-maximizing driving program.

The company was founded in 2019 and is headquartered in San Francisco, California.

DASH Systems

DASH Systems is a Los Angeles based technology company developing hardware and software to enable precision airdrop deliveries. They take a commercial airplane, open the door, and autonomously release and land packages within a helipad-size area.

Its technology allows commercial cargo to be safely delivered in remote, rural, or previously inaccessible areas, quickly and affordably.

BlueX Trade

BlueX tech-enable ocean carriers and connects their shippers to increase logistics transparency.


Seafair connects leading shipping companies with qualified seafarers across the world.


The First Open Blockchain Platform With Artificial Intelligence For Connecting People


TraMes focuses on innovation and smart business practices in developing a cross industry freight management and booking platform bringing simplicity to the world of enterprise shipping. Our mission is to provide solutions for industries and enterprises in the Cross Border segment by building the Supply Chain Ecosystem with built-in trust, automation, and privacy.

Which helps enterprise-owned environment by integrating all transportation and logistics partners, facilitate enhanced visibility into bookings, cargo movement, real-time shipping events and a whole new level of freight analytics never before available.


Freight Management Platform and E-commerce shipping marketplace


Deliver quality shipping, keep costs down! Sometimes to go the extra mile for your customers, what’s missing is a great partner. Innoship is the advanced multi-carrier shipping software your retail business needs.

With state-of-the-art algorithms developed and driven by dedicated, experienced people, Innoship keeps your costs down while increasing the quality of your shipping service. From checkout and shipping to tracking, returns and analytics, Innoship helps your safely deliver on promises made to your customers.

Effortless integration, hassle-free delivery • A simple, one-time integration with the Innoship app gets retailers access to any carrier, local or international; • External markets become readily available with seamless connections to thousands of carriers worldwide.

Parnity Inc.

We make a software platform that connects worldwide freight forwarding companies. Freight Forwarders need to establish partnerships with other overseas forwarders in order to offer complete logistics to its clients.

Our platform will allow freight forwarders to find and select partners, manage the partnerships (PRM), communicate, improve processes and business through data, and make international payments related to freight costs in a safe and quick way.

Hive Logistics

Hive stores and ships products for small and medium-sized online merchants next-day. Fast, transparent & affordable.


Equll makes a mobile app and an online platform to connect owner-operators with shippers. It aims to build the world’s largest trucking company, a true operator/carrier, and marketplace, digital native, and driven to re-engineer the system.

It was founded in 2019 and is headquartered in Seattle, Washington.


Trexity is a shipping platform that puts the power back into the hands of customers, allows them to ship anywhere at anytime, and leverage a unique driver marketplace. It tracks each delivery in real-time and gets direct notifications at each stage of the shipment, providing customers with last-mile logistics solutions.

Users of this platform can take a picture of their package, input a few details, and then pick a driver from the Trexity marketplace that is going along that route. It began its operations in 2019 and is based in Ottawa, Ontario.


SOL-X with expertise in IoT & AI technologies focuses on the needs of the maritime environment & developing human-centric safety solutions.

Chord X

Chord X specializes in real-time data insight tools, hardware installations and driving fleet performance.


OrbitMI is a SAAS company that offers integrated business solutions to the marine industry to manage global fleet efficiently & sustainably.

OTO Global

OTO Global is a software that provides shipping, logistics and delivery services.


QuantShip helps shipping companies make superior commercial decisions through proprietary machine learning algorithms. The company provides Predictive analytics solutions leveraging Machine Learning and AI for stakeholders of the maritime industry.

QuantShip also provides AI-powered predictive analytics for shipping companies to deliver actionable and tailored intelligence, so important decisions are data-driven rather than sentiment driven. Quantship’s vision is to transform the fundamental decision-making process in the maritime industry from slow sentiment-driven to efficient data-driven decision making.

QuantShip was founded in 2019 and is based in Singapore.


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