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Queue Management System

QMS (Queue Management System) or electronic queue allows to speed up the process at the checkpoint and reduces the waiting time for pre-registration.

Queue Management System
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The introduction of the QMS (electronic queue)

Queue Management System

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allows you to speed up the process at the checkpoint and reduces the waiting time for pre-registration. The electronic queue provides quality management and increases the loyalty of visitors, it optimizes the work by distributing the flow of visitors and informing visitors in advance about the procedure and rules of service. The QMS system provides managers with current and statistical information on the number of past, applications from expecting visitors and time of customer service. The electronic queue management system makes it possible to optimize the rhythm of the checkpoint or service office, and to plan the workload of personnel based on the analysis of statistical data.

Informing visitors

Queue Management System
Queue Management System overview
The Marine Digital System cloud-based electronic queue allows visitors to plan their visit to your site in advance: a store, warehouse, central office or branch, point of delivery, etc. QMS will inform about the possible dates and times of the visit. After choosing a convenient time slot for the visitor, during online registration, it will receive a notification on his smartphone in the form of a link to email or SMS, it will also be sent a reminder to the calendar on his mobile phone.

Registration of visitors and transport

Queue Management System
Queue Management System overview
In web QMS, you can see the number of people planning to visit your organization, the time of their arrival, as well as their data, for example, full name and passport number, or vehicle data: car number. The integration of Queue management solution and video cameras or an interactive rack will speed up the on-site registration process from 2-5 minutes to 10-15 seconds.

Planning the load of the checkpoint, warehouse, terminal

Queue Management System
Queue Management System on mobile phone
You can set a limit on the number of visits to your warehouse, store or office, as well as adjust the flow depending on the time of work. If the visitor is late for more than the time period you set, for example, 15 minutes, his electronic ticket will be canceled with a notification. At the same time, the visitor always has the opportunity to independently reschedule the arrival time slot according to his own plans and circumstances in online queue system.

Optimization of the work of the checkpoint or office

Queue Management System
When implementing QMS, it is not necessary to introduce additional personnel, on the contrary, some of the functions of a dispatcher or secretary can be transferred to an electronic assistant, it is enough to provide access to the queue management system to an administrator or dispatcher. Administering the queue management system in real-time will help to minimize the occurrence of conflict situations, set standards for service time and expectations, and track excess of critical indicators, quickly redistributing the load. You can get rid of the need to expand the staff, reduce operating costs for maintenance and increase the efficiency of the warehouse, store, office or other facilities where visits to external contractors are possible.
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Аdvantage of Marine Digital System QMS:
The SaaS web-based queue management system by Marine Digital System is a boxed solution that contains universal functionality suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises: warehouses, distribution points, shops, business centers, and service offices, where there is a flow of external visitors, including vehicles. The QMS solution for creating an electronic queue is delivered according to the SaaS model (in the cloud, with availability and monthly payment). Other solutions based on the Marine Digital System platform can be connected to it: a warehouse management system, a document management system, and others. The online queue management system can be integrated with external equipment - cameras, access systems to automate the work and register visited vehicles.

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