Ivan Ladan
11 years experience in banking, IT, Logistics. 2,5 year experience as a CEO (50 people in employ). Yota Bank, International Financial Club, Warehouse Management project.
Alexey Enshin
12+ years experience in banking and logistics. Russian Railways, New Silk Road project, International Financial Club.
Dmitry Shusharin
Head of Analytics
4+ years experience in system analytics and IT consulting. 1,5 years experience in blockchain integrations in finance and logistics. KPMG, Alfa Bank.
Alexey Fitiskin
15 years experience in marketing and sales of IT solutions (CRM, ECM and SaaS). Motiware, ASoft, LANIT, Moe delo.
Amir Mamedov
12 years in software development Wheely, Yandex, Moscow Parking. Strong management skills. 6 years exp in logistics.
Olga Kostenko
Creative Manager
4+ years experience in marketing and graphic design in IT and Smart City solutions. LANIT, Moe delo, IT SmartCity.
Alex Nelis
Advisory / Representative (NL)
30+ experience in maritime transportation and port industry. Director at Nelis B.V.
Konstantin Matveev
•15 years in supplying navigational data to shipping companies
•Head of Charts Devision at Elcome International
•Chairman of Charts committee at Charts and Nautical Instruments association (CNITA)
Alexey Zadornov
20 years experience in Legal, 10 years exp in Marine Legal. Russian Railways, Riga Transport Fleet. Professor of International Baltic Academy (Marine private law).
Alexander Geroimov
12+ years in Logistics and Customer Service. Phd in Economics. Liner (Maersk Line) and multiple forwarding business experience. Truly believe that each business today needs Digital tools and deep understanding of Client's needs to grow.