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Weight Module
Weight Module for collecting data from all types of scales: automobile, railway, conveyor, bunker, etc.
Weight Module
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Marine Digital System weighing module allows you to determine with 100% accuracy where and what kind of cargo was improperly assembled, which is especially important for bulk and general cargo terminals. The weighing module transmits data from the scales to the metering system and collects information about the weighing frequency and car numbers. Accounting and analysis of weighing statistics increase the productivity of the warehouse, provides a high level of quality control, which ultimately converts into high-quality customer service. As a result, loyalty is increased and the reputation of a reliable partner is strengthened. The weighing system integrates not only with scales that collect and transmit digital data but can also work with mechanical and analog scales through a photo and video analytics system, capturing and recognizing weighing parameters from the image in real-time.
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Data accuracy

The weighing module captures the data with the accuracy of the scales, without distorting them. In the event that the sensors on your balance are out of order, you can quickly determine the breakdown based on the static data that is stored in the system.
Weight Module overview
Unloading/loading speed

The human factor is excluded from the weighing process, the likelihood of delays is reduced, and the weighing process is accelerated. Information about the cargo quickly enters the real-time accounting system. To control the weighing, it is enough to display the data on the screen of the dispatcher and the warehouse operator. No team of workers is needed at the weighing place, you can distribute specialists to more complex objects. The module allows you to remotely work with mobile scales, which is especially important when warehouses and storage areas are removed from each other and there is a need for frequent rearrangement of weighing-machine, in order to reduce transport costs.
Weight Module overview
Warehouse Optimization

Automatic accounting of weight characteristics will allow you to optimize the placement of goods in the warehouse and its loading into the back of a car, railway wagons or dry cargo holds. Marine Digital System weights management system allows you to efficiently use storage facilities and logistics.
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Weight Module overview
Аdvantage of Marine Digital System Weight Module:
Weight Module Marine Digital System is a boxed solution that contains universal functionality suitable for small and medium-sized terminals and warehouses. The weight module is delivered in accordance with the SaaS model (in the cloud, with availability and monthly payment). Other solutions based on the Marine Digital System platform can be connected to it: warehouse management system, electronic queue, document management system and others. The Marine Digital System platform has the advantage of flexible configuration to meet individual customer requirements.

Weight module price from 49 euro per month

If necessary, the system can be integrated with external equipment - cameras, access systems to automate the work and register visited vehicles.
Increased business process speed
Reducing to zero the number of errors
Best offer to the clients
Reduction in operating expenses
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