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Marine Digital is the winner of the Baltic Sustainability Awards in the Impact subcategory Supply chain!

We are excited to reveal that we are one of the winners of the Baltic Sustainability Awards! Out of over 240 applications and 29 outstanding sustainability innovation achievements that were selected as the finalists, we are announced as the winners of the Impact category in the Supply chain!

Congratulations to all the other winners! Huge thank you to the Jury for appreciating and recognizing the work that we do and to the organizer's team at Helve for making this happen!

Baltic Sustainability Awards celebrate the innovators, changemakers, and leaders in sustainability. Organizers aspire to highlight and honor the brightest minds and leading-edge achievements in sustainability innovation. They bring together Baltic business leaders, CleanTech startups, organizations, and aspiring individuals to salute their triumphs and innovations in sustainability.

Changes, improvements, or additions to business processes, services, product, or R&D that reduces the negative impact on the environment, further sustainable business practices or creates long-term stakeholder value by focusing on the environmental dimensions of doing business.

It is an important event that companies like Rimi Baltic Group and EY are taking action to support the decarbonization of the supply chain.

This award is sufficient motivation and inspiration for our team to keep working on solutions dedicated to the mission of supporting the decarbonization process in one of the most complex and important industries in the world.

Winner In Supply Chain

Marine Digital develops software tools for maritime supply chains to provide advanced analytics of CO2 emissions and decarbonization solutions as well as energy efficiency analysesMaritime supply chains are a source of environmental and economic risks for every company using ocean shipping and sea transportation. Implementation of the Marine Digital solutions ensures companies more transparency and credibility in achieving net zero emissions goals and speeding up decarbonization in the maritime sector.

Winner In Renewable Energy

Manufactured robotic tools for remote inspection, maintenance, and repair of wind turbines that are much more efficient compared to traditional methods. The technology enables the preventive maintenance opportunity through the effectiveness, scalability, and data acquisition possibilities of Aerones robotic tools.

Winner In Sustainable Resources

UP Catalyst provides a sustainable alternative to the environmentally harmful production of raw materials. UP Catalyst produces sustainable carbon nanomaterials out of CO2 and waste biomass, contributing to the transition towards carbon neutrality by 2050.

Winner In Social Iniciatives

Ancient Woods Foundation is an NGO that aims to preserve the old-growth forests of Lithuania and to create long-lasting examples of sustainable nature–public forests. Their team consists of a large community of scientists and professionals, united by a common goal of restoring the old Lithuanian forests and the belief that only by working together, true change can be achieved

Winner In Sustainable Cities & Mobility

ECO BUS offers the modernization of diesel buses to electric buses - an innovative way to achieve financial savings and replace existing buses with environmentally friendly vehicles. Using one modernized bus reduced CO2 emissions by 49.79 tons per year and NOx by 0.30 tons per year.

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