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Marine Digital

We have huge experience in the automation of logistics processes and operations management in shipping. We will be happy to answer your questions about our solutions, leave your contact

Marine Digital
We have huge experience in the automation of logistics processes and operations management in shipping. We will be happy to answer your questions about our solutions, leave your contact

Nowadays the impact of maritime operations on the global environment, economy, and society is huge. Only by combining heritage domain expertise with edge technologies, it is possible to handle a sensitive innovation process. That's why we brought together the expertise of master mariners, chief engineers, and performance managers to tailor technological tools in accordance with the operational reality. Supporting maritime professionals with smart insights we help them focus on the most important tasks.

Ivan Ladan
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Marine Digital solutions for decarbonisation in shipping and maritime logistics

Fuel Optimization System
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Marine Digital noon report - SaaS solution for shipping companies, shipowners and freight forwarders, that need to know the current status of the voyage, vessel performance metrics and to predict the time of arrival of the ship.

Fuel Optimization System
Based on noon-reports and satellite data and thanks to the modern algorithms for building routes Marine Digital provides the possibility for calculating ETA taking into account weather conditions & sea conditions, vessel performance metrics and IMO reporting data.

Manage the fleet data in real time and focus the attention on what matters!
Build the safest route for crew & cargo and reduce ETA delays to zero!
Weather routing and voyage optimization for managing ETA
Real time monitoring of vessel performance
Reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions up to 12%!
Procure the spare parts and carry-out repairs efficiently!
Predictive maintenance of equipment onboard
Reduction in fuel consumption and GHG emissions
Ensure your voyages stay profitable over time. Keep an accurate record of your expenses and profits and manage the financial performance of your vessels
Voyage Budget Planner
Marine Digital FOS (Fuel Optimization System) – allows reducing fleet fuel consumption by 5-12%, which also saves the atmosphere from 600 tonnes CO2 emissions per year only per vessel
Fuel Optimization System
We are solving every problem that may occur during vessel performance monitoring. This includes not only data gathering from different vessels, but also processing and interpretation of the received data, creation of convenient reports, delivery of charts to the vessel's navigation system (ECDIS), as well as recommendations for the best route according to weather, fuel consumption and other data.
Digital Shipping
Fuel Optimization System for vessels. Digitalization in maritime: IoT, machine learning, and software for shipping companies.
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Our team has huge expertise in logistics, software and product development, thanks to which we were able in a short time to:
Develop technology to automate key processes of cargo terminals and supply chain participants in maritime logistics
Launch several pilot projects in terminals specializing in bulk and general cargo, also with shipchandlers and shipping companies
Present boxed cloud-based solutions to specific tasks with a transparent cost and SaaS (Soft as a Service) model
As a result, we created a ML-based platform where the functionality of TOS (Terminal Operating System) and specific systems for shipowners became available to small and medium-size logistics companies in maritime, divided into solutions that solving complex tasks.

You may notice, part of our products can be used either individually or in conjunction with each other — they are integrated into a solution of the TOS (Terminal Operating System): WMS, QMS, Weight and other Modules. The other part of our solutions is for use on vessels and optimization of processes and activities of shipping companies: PortCall, Catering, FOS (Fuel Optimization System). Our products are based on machine learning, automate manual input and routine operations, allow you to process large amounts of data and present them for management decisions. At the same time, they are cloud solutions, which allows to reduce the cost of ship owners and offer our clients comfortable rates at an adequate price with an economic justification for their effectiveness.

We invite you to get acquainted with our solutions for marine logistics and get a free trial period to test their capabilities.
Marine Digital System's Solutions
Providing intercommunication among ports, vessels, shipowner, supplying services owners, maritime pilots and shipping agents
Marine Digital Catering is a process automation system for a catering company. The system allows you to record and analyze products on board, as well as speed up the process of delivery and tender arranging.
Port Call
Simplified accounting and tracking of goods, automatize processes and operations on bulk and general cargo terminals
QMS (electronic queue) allows to speed up the process at the checkpoint and reduces the waiting time for pre-registration
Warehouse Management
(Customer Relationship Management) – is a logistics company customer relationship management system for developing a customer base and increasing sales efficiency.
Automates collecting data from all types of scales and analyzed of weighing statistics on warehouses and cargo terminals.
Weight Module
Get real-time information and electronically signed documents that underpin financial and investment decisions.
DIGIdock is an OCR service for recognizing documents, followed by downloading data to the accounting system: WMS, CRM, ERP or electronic archive of documents.
Trade Finance
Benefits that you will get when working with us:
A distinctive feature of our platform is an open API for implementing exchanges with third-party software and hardware systems, such as scales, photo and video analytics, recognition and monitoring systems, accounting and bank systems.

A set of solutions based on the Marine Digital platform is provided for a free trial period (1 month), and then according to the SaaS model or at the customer's facilities in the cloud or locally.

Our experts will help you find an individual solution to optimize the work on your terminal and demonstrate the capabilities of the system. To receive a free consultation, fill out the form and we will contact you as soon as possible
Increased business process speed
Reducing to zero the number of errors
Best offer to the clients
Reduction in operating expenses
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